Annual Assessment

An Annual Assessment provides awareness and strategies to attune your life force to the most beneficial energies in your environment for the year. 

This alignment supports you by reducing the chi that promotes tribulations and chaos, while boosting the chi that promotes your priorities and desires to live a more fulfilling and optimal life.

The strategies provided are updated from your First-Time Assessment to assist you in minimizing the current year’s challenges and boosting your ability to accomplish your goals.

Monthly Assessment

Knowing your feng shui chi cycles on a monthly basis helps you to strategically plan both your personal and professional lives.

It enables you to forecast when you have the highest potential to reach your goals.

And…. It reveals the cycles when you’re vulnerable to difficulties, blockages or even losses. This awareness gives you the ability to tackle or even avoid challenges proactively.

There are months when the chi that flows in unfavorably transforms the chi present for the year, thus the monthly strategies keep the chi highly attuned and the momentum going to powerfully support your priorities in manifesting your desires.

Returning Clients Questionnaire

Welcome back!

I am thrilled that you came back and I look forward to sharing this profound science and art with you!

In order to customize your Feng Shui Assessment to meet your needs, please submit all items below.

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out!