Focused Readings

Are there areas of your life where you want to progress but circumstances keep holding you back?

Do you want to understand your life more?

Gaining insight into your cycles of life will give you awareness to make sounder decisions, and provide forehand knowledge to create proactive measures to ease turmoil, obstacles, and stress during difficult cycles.

There are 4 areas we can cover to give you a more in depth understanding of your life:  

Career Consultation

Are you at a crossroads in your career and need guidance?

Are you experiencing blockages to your goals?

Do you want awareness on where and how you can most thrive in your career?

Are you having issues with your boss, employees, co-workers or clients and need to understand how to handle the situations to bring about more harmony, efficiency and teamwork?

Classical Feng Shui provides insights to jumpstart your career or business, give direction on where and how to be most aligned for success, understand your professional relationships to maximize efficiency, and much more.

Relationship Consultation

An overview of you and your partner, kids, boss, employees, and/or whoever is important to you, and how their life force cycles affect you and your cycles.

We will delve into the issues you are experiencing with suggestions on how to bring about more understanding, harmony and resolution.

You have the option of a full analysis for each person or a select analysis that only covers how their life force affects you.

Personal Life Consultation

An overview of your elemental traits and how the cycles of your life force are currently affecting you and your current situation.

Through these insights you will gain guidance on how to use your thoughts and actions to transform situations that are not working for you, along with ways to use the cycles of chi to your advantage.

Classical Feng Shui gives peace of mind through the awareness of what will affect the chi that influences how you manifest your life.

Health Consultation

Having health issues?

Discover factors that may be influencing your issues with suggestions on ways to address them.

Feng shui can be used to help improve your health and well-being.  No, it isn’t relying on superstitions such as hanging a mirror or a crystal in the window.  In fact, there is a direct relationship between your health and the quality of energy in your home and work space.