Feng Shui For Business

In the fiercely competitive marketplace of today’s global economy, even the smallest company faces risks in doing business. Minimizing risk, for companies large to small, is my area of expertise. Utilizing a strategic planning system, I help business owners anticipate and control risk. Using industry-specific and time-sensitive calculations, I provide you with deeper insights into the factors that drive your careers and businesses. This helps you to identify and reduce both potential risks and adverse challenges, along with naming actionable, profit-focused opportunities.

Business Benefits

Classical Feng Shui in your workplace helps propel you toward your goals and gives insights for direction in market analysis, advertising strategies, employee compatibility, optimal timing for projects/deals, and more. It also helps you in areas where you need balance and attention, such as employee issues, blockages, stagnancy, losses and more. Beyond your motivation and positive thinking, your working environment, with the help of Classical Feng Shui, transforms your energy to put you on our feet, realizing your goals and flowing with your cycles of chi.

Boost Efficiency and Effectiveness

  • Assign jobs and projects based on elemental compatibility
  • Boost marketing effectiveness
  • Improve employee relations and efficiency
  • Increase productivity and profit

Reduce Blockages and Establish Optimal Timelines

  • Reduce legal interference
  • Smooth out angry interactions
  • Mitigate chi that promotes undesirable circumstances
  • Establish the optimum cycle to start a business, expand, invest, advertise, buy, sell, etc.
  • Utilize predictable time cycles to your advantage in strategic planning

Analyze and Strategize Projects

  • Assess risks via cyclical analysis
  • Create a better flow of energy
  • Reduce environmental blockages to stimulate expansion
  • Use cyclical insights for effective crisis management

Land Selection

Location, location, location!

Landforms and features surrounding a building have more impact on the interior chi than any features within that structure.

This is why land selection is extremely important when purchasing a property or buying a new business location. When you find a property you like, I can analyze the landforms and surrounding features coupled with options for a facing direction that will benefit you based on your priorities.

Through a Classical Feng Shui analysis, I can inform you on how the chi will play out so you can determine whether the property will promote your priorities or make it difficult to manifest your desires.

New Business Build

Now that you have your land, the exciting process of creating your new business design begins!

The first step is to establish the most beneficial direction for your office or business to face. It is crucial that the main source of Chi that enters your environment supports you and your mission. This is key to a successful business.

Do you already have a floor plan? If so, I can share how this floor plan is supportive or detrimental to you and your professional priorities. This gives you the opportunity to change what may be detrimental into something that is advantageous. If you have not picked out a floor plan, I can help you design one to promote a thriving professional career. We will work on layout of the rooms based on optimal function and priorities. You can then have an architect design it for you.

New Business Location Search from Existing Buildings

Looking for the next place to comfortably create your professional reality? Classical Feng Shui can help you determine whether a business location has chi that will support your priorities or chi that works against you.

This is a 3-step system that will help you with this process:

  1. Determine if the facing direction and landforms support your type of business and priorities for the estimated duration you want to work in that particular location.
  2. If #1 is acceptable, an analysis of the floor plan can help you determine if the location of the significant rooms are beneficial for you and what you want to create.
  3. Learn where permanent adjustments can be made to compensate for the current environmental challenges that could negatively affect your business.

New Business Set-up

Now that you’ve bought or leased your new business/office, find out the most beneficial way to address questions like:

  • With regards to your needs, what is the best utilization for each room?
  • Which room promotes prosperity for your office?
  • What colors compliment the chi for each room?
  • Where is the best placement for permanent water features, rock or brick material, large plants, heavy metal features, etc.

Once the foundational aspects are determined for your new home, we will align your cyclical energy to reduce chi that promotes turmoil and other unfavorable challenges, and boost the chi that supports your priorities so you may manifest the life you desire with a higher level of ease and grace.


Remodeling can be a huge hassle. Wouldn’t it be comforting to have a heads up on when timing promotes mishaps, blockages, and extra expenses so you can avoid remodeling during those cycles?

Remodeling will shift the chi in your environment. If you are investing time, money and inconvenience into remodeling your business space, wouldn’t it be wise to make sure the remodeling will improve your chi rather than deteriorate it?

Classical Feng Shui gives peace of mind through the awareness of best time cycles to work on your office location and most importantly, how the remodel will affect the chi that influences how you manifest your life.