Annual Assessment

An Annual Assessment provides awareness and strategies to attune your life force to the most beneficial energies in your environment for the year. 

This alignment supports you by reducing the chi that promotes tribulations and chaos, while boosting the chi that promotes your priorities and desires to live a more fulfilling and optimal life.

The strategies provided are updated from your First-Time Assessment to assist you in minimizing the current year’s challenges and boosting your ability to accomplish your goals.

Sometimes the effects of Feng Shui bring in resources, like the right doctor or medication to heal, or a social situation that brings in romance, or clients that increase sales, or a buyer to purchase your property. Sometimes it directly improves the situation like:

  • Reduced pain
  • Legal issues dissipating
  • Calming anger
  • Relieving depression
  • Opening blockages in career
  • Insights to gain direction in life
  • Understanding and helping parent/child issues
  • Calming clashes between boss and employees and
  • Opening up the flow for abundance to come in

There are countless ways in which Classical Feng Shui can help

 I would love to show you how it can improve your life.


To Be Happy, Healthy, and Successful

The schools of Feng Shui I practice involve science-based math, physics and time cycles to determine how, where and when the ch’i (energy) in your environment is promoting each individual’s current life circumstances.

Once that is established, I provide strategies and specific recommendations to affect the situations you want to change and position you to get the inspired results you want regarding mental, physical and emotional health, romance and relationships, career and more.