About Cynthia

Classical Feng Shui is my passion. It continues to reveal profound levels of universal concepts that affect and connect all living beings, regardless of race, sex, culture or beliefs.

It’s important we establish a high level of trust. What’s said between us is honored, with no judgement, and kept strictly confidential. Classical Feng Shui is only as good as how honest you are with me…. and yourself.

Just as a doctor diagnoses and prescribes based on symptoms, Classical Feng Shui evaluates and provides strategies based on what you are experiencing and the facets you want to change.

Cynthia and her sons out for a hike in beautiful Colorado

Through working with individuals, businesses, and case studies, I have had the honor to quantitatively explore the connectivity and influential power of chi in our environment and it’s a fascinating relationship with the chi flowing through our bodies. This connection influences our thoughts, actions, and our very existence. Classical Feng Shui has enabled me to transform environmental chi to help with the struggles people experience. The strategies and insights I have to share increase effectiveness, and maximizes the potential to create your desired reality.

By adhering to the principles of Classical Feng Shui my life is magical! I am blessed with a happy, healthy, and abundant life filled with love, opportunities, adventures and rewarding experiences.

My utmost desire is to share this result-oriented science with people who contribute to humanity. Because together, we are going to create a ripple effect towards a healthier, more loving and conscious world. I can help you transform ch’i to heighten your potential in making a positive difference in the lives of those you touch, and at the same time, support what you want in life.

The Journey

I started studying Classical Feng Shui in 1999 when I was blessed to be a stay-at-home mom.

I had everything I desired. Extremely grateful, I wanted to give back so volunteered for many facets of the community. I received recognition and awards for my work and found I loved making a positive difference. When many government officials started encouraging me to run for office, I consulted a woman I highly respected and she said, “When my kids were your kids age, I was just as active in the community as you are, and now they are all grown up and still remind me I wasn’t there for them.” 

That pivotal conversation changed my trajectory. I decided to walk away from this rewarding lifestyle to dedicate myself to giving my sons a strong foundation. But as I drew away from community work, I had an identity crisis. Now that I’m not making a difference in the world, who am I? I realized I had attached my identity to my external accomplishments rather than identifying with who I was internally. This realization spurred me on to create a way to give high value to my sons while educating and developing myself. 

I prayed for guidance on how to make a positive difference, use my strengths and talents so I will enjoy what I do and be effective at it. Then shortly after that prayer, Classical Feng Shui came into my life and a magical path unfolded. 

When I am not practicing Classical Feng Shui, I love to ski, dance, hike, travel, discover new adventures, learn ways to improve myself and society, and connect with friends.

My education

I went to a holistic fair with my mom in Durango, CO and attended a talk on Feng Shui. My mom was born in China and trained as a Doctor of Chinese Medicine, but knew very little about Feng Shui. We were both fascinated by what we heard and wanted to know more.

So I started reading books. And the more I read, the more confusing it got! There were so many angles of thoughts regarding Feng Shui. Everything from information that outlined the different schools of Feng Shui to fluff with very generalized hokey pokey stuff like putting a statue of a 3 legged frog by your door. So much of it was Chinese superstition.

I finally read Eva Wong’s book and liked her more technical approach. In the back of her book she recommended Yap Chang Hai, School of Excellence in Malaysia. I signed up for their home study course and soon after I completed it I received an invitation from the school to attend their first class in the USA!

I flew to LA to attend this 5 day course and the first person I ran into was the host of the class, Angel de Para, a world renowned Feng Shui practitioner. My first words to him were, “Can you actually make a living at this?” He replied very humbly and said, “I do OK at it.” I had no idea who I was talking to and the impact he made and will continue to make in this world through the amazing science of Classical Feng Shui.

With time, it started to make sense. But I was missing some important pieces. So I travelled a few times to Dallas and Montana, to take beginner courses so I could fill in the missing blanks. And as I did, I kept hearing of Master Angel de Para, a world renowned Classical Feng Shui practitioner. He was the proverbial student who has surpassed the teachers and was coming up with things that have amazed the master, Yap Chang Hai. I had to find a class he was teaching, which wasn’t easy.

Finally, he offered a class in Miami. Off to Miami I go and the first thing he says in class is, “This is the last class I’ll teach.” What! I finally get into his class and it’s the only one I get to have! Nooooo!!!!!!  His reasoning? He was working in the high ranks of the corporate world as well as working for government officials from various countries. He didn’t have time to teach us. Omg, I heard of his reputation but had no idea he had taken Feng Shui to that level. I had to laugh at what he must of thought when I asked him if you can actually make a living at this.

My Education with Grand Master Angel de Para:

I am honored and blessed to be one of Grand Master Angel de Para’s few advanced “in-house” apprentices.

I will be forever grateful for all the countless hours throughout the years that Grand Master de Para has worked to test and discover Feng Shui theories and formulas, bringing to the world tools and a higher level of awareness that ease suffering and contribute to the lives of many. In honor of his teachings, I dedicate my practice to the higher, best good of each person I share the treasures of Feng Shui with.

Our case-study travels around the nation confirm his teachings and give a mind-blowing account of how chi influenced history.

Includes case studies incorporating research, on-site analysis, and Feng Shui audits of historical individuals, businesses, and legendary buildings to identify how qi influenced them. Our case studies are awe-inspiring experiences showing the connectivity between landforms, floor plans, time cycles, and Feng Shui formulas to the characteristics, major events, and successes or failures of the occupants and owners of these famous buildings.

Our investigations give overwhelmingly profound insights into the engineering of chi and provide data for further discoveries that increase our ability to assist people in creating their desired outcomes. The onsite findings also provide prime examples of do’s and don’ts for design projects.

Buildings studied during my in-house apprenticeship:


  • Willis Tower, John Hancock Center
  • Richard H. Driehaus Museum
  • Chicago Cultural Center
  • Frederick C. Robie House
  • Music Box Theatre, Chicago Union Station
  • Wrigley Building, The Palmer House Hilton
  • Chicago Board of Trade Building
  • Marquette Building (Chicago)
  • Rookery Building, Monadnock Building
  • Chicago Water Tower, Home Insurance Building


  • Rodeo Drive: Wealth and glamour
  • Channel Boutique: Fame, high-end clientele, longevity
  • Capitol Records
  • Louis Vitton, Prada, Bijan
  • Beverly Wilshire
  • Bradbury Building
  • Legendary Park Plaza
  • Kodak Theater, Grauman’s Chinese Theater


  • GE building, the centerpiece of Rockefeller Center: Rockefeller Famil
  • Lehman Brothers building: Largest U.S. bankruptcy filing
  • Tiffany’s: Prestigious and high-status clientele since the 1830’s, Cartie
  • Lipstick Building: Bernie Madoff’s deception and demis
  • Empire State Building, Trump Tower, Park Plaza
  • Woolworth Building, Chrysler Building
  • Metropolitan Opera House, Ferragam
  • Waldorf Astoria, St. Regis Hotel, The Grinnell, The Eldorad
  • The Dakota, The Ansonia, The Apthorp Flatiron building


We continue to travel to major cities, including Washington D.C. and Philadelphia, analyzing the Feng Shui of prominent people, buildings and history. We also perform case studies on properties around the world using Internet tools. Here are a few examples.

  • Japan – Park Habio Azabu Tower – Tokyo
  • Canada – Oasis – Coquitlam, BC
  • USA – Washington DC, Philadelphia, Chicago and Newport
  • UAE – Le Reve Tower – Dubai
  • Vietnam – Bitexco Financial Tower – Ho Chi Minh City
  • Taiwan – Taipei Financial Center – Taipei
  • South Bend, Indiana – Tippecanoe Place Restaurant


  • Bellagio: Grandeur, attraction, high status, fame and premium FS features.
  • Mandalay Bay: Film and TV, and flaws that limit higher success.
  • Little White Wedding Chapel: 800,000 weddings, many celebrity marriages.
  • Wynn
  • Encore, Golden Nugget, Caesar’s Palace
  • MGM, Venetian, Palazzo


  • Mar-a-Lago Estate: Formally owned by Marjorie Meriwether Post, founder of General Foods, and EF Hutton. Donald Trump bought it and made changes to the property that influenced his life. They all had personal challenges.
  • Henry Flagler’s Estate: Enormous wealth and power from Standard Oil (in partnership with JD Rockefeller), the
  • Florida E. Coast Railway and more.
  • The Deering: Villa Vizacaya Estate


Not all Feng Shui practitioners are equal… I have met those who say they know Feng Shui and have made suggestions. And then I met Cynthia! What is the difference? Cynthia uses some serious old school Feng Shui Mathematical Jedi magic combining your specific elemental energy, the specific area you are trying to address (home, work, etc) and makes a VERY specific plan just for YOU!

After using her services, my business exploded (in the good way!). Even better than that, she educated me on how the elemental energy of each member of my family interacts with the other. It was crazy accurate and inspired awareness and compassion for each other in our interactions.

Cynthia’s love of her work and her amazing personality make her a dream to work with. I highly recommend her!

Erin Arnold — Austin, Texas

In the beginning, I was in search of finding the best. The best energy. The best placement. The best path. Over the years, Cynthia has taught me that while there is ‘best’ to be had even the not so favorable energies or directions can offer just as much as favorable ones. It’s all in how you work with it. This has proven to be a most valuable lesson extending beyond Feng Shui.

I’ve appreciated her honesty and openness for any questions we’ve had with each audit and the boundless opportunity she has brought into our lives. I look forward to working with her for years to come.

I can say with certainty that Cynthia will find every opportunity for you that she can, and she will do it with grace and integrity. She will find your best because she is the best.

Christy Kirkpatrick — Leander, Texas