Colorado Classical Feng Shui Practitioner

Cynthia Lee Chan

Offering modern-day applications of the ancient principles and concepts found in Classical Feng Shui

Serving Denver, Boulder and clients nationwide

Improve the Quality of Your Life!

Would you like to ease physical pain, mental stress or emotional suffering? As well as open channels to live life to your ever expanding potential both personally and professionally? Deepen your awareness on how the flow of chi affects our natural cycles of life and learn how to use chi to your advantage.

Health, romance, relationships, career, financial issues — you name it — all of life’s circumstances can be transformed under the Classical Feng Shui umbrella of possibilities toward increased awareness and continual improvement.

Cynthia Chan is the BEST! Her passion and energy are absolutely inspiring.
The results after only about 1 month are already noticeable. My business had it’s busiest week and separately it’s highest income-week of the year. And, being that my situation is extremely challenging, these improvements are nothing short of amazing!

Dr. Steven Hamvay – Motion Chiropractic

Classical Feng Shui

In the Taoist world view, Chi is a cyclical, vital force of nature that is influenced by the 5 elements found in that system; wood, fire, earth, metal and water.

Strategically placed, these elements raise the vibrational chi to attract favorable circumstances and/or reduce the chi frequency that draws in undesirable circumstances.

Creating an environment that is elementally aligned to your priorities leads to advancement in realms of life most essential to you.

Overall, Classical Feng Shui promotes expanded awareness, happiness, a stronger sense of self, and increased success.

How A Consultation Works!

Submit Information

To create a custom plan, I need specific information about your life and a to-scale floor plan of your home or business.

Audit Your Environment

I will assess your cycles of chi to identify where energy needs adjustment to overcome difficulties and support priorities.

Site Inspection

It’s your option: an on-site, in person consultation or video chat to discuss your cycles of chi, with strategies and insights to address your needs.

Transform Your Energy

Creating an environment that is elementally aligned to your priorities leads to advancement in realms of life most essential to you.

Cynthia’s Story

Since 2000, I dedicated myself to learning the depths of Classical Feng Shui, and it has been a wild exploration into the vibrational world of chi. In addition to countless hours, learning, observing and experimenting with the mathematical science of chi, I also traveled coast to coast, studying the chi of cities, historic and famous buildings and their legendary occupants, to calculate how the cycles of chi affects lives, and influences the course of history.

What I’ve experienced, not only changed my life, but also my perception of reality. I continually strive to advance, learning new patterns and depths in our universe to help you in deeper, more specific ways.


Cynthia Chan is one of what I consider, the best, authentic, accurate Feng Shui consultants you could have do an audit for you. She “sees” your story through the numbers. She is fast and accurate at seeing the story you are living and offering you solutions or strategies to deal with what you are currently going through.

She takes each case very seriously and is very conscientious of her work and patient with clients and students. She has helped me, tutored me, and worked on projects with me. I can’t say enough good things about her or her abilities and results.

Shawna Emarine — Silverthorne, Colorado

I have been aware of Feng Shui for many years, have read an occasional book and used a principle or two from time to time. It wasn’t until I met Cynthia that I discovered just how powerful Feng Shui can really be. Cynthia did an analysis of my home, made recommendations on the actions that we should take and the results were virtually immediate!

She cares deeply about the success of her clients and brings a deep knowledge of the principles to her work. Anyone looking to improve areas of their lives can benefit from Cynthia.

E.M — Vail, Colorado